Meet Your United States Coast Guard Captains

Your captains and guides are Scott and Sally Clifford. Both are Masters licensed by the United States Coast Guard. Scott and Sally first met on the waters of the Pacific Ocean when they were in high school. They have continued with their love of the water and different watersports since then.

Scott holds a 100-ton inland license with a towing endorsement, allowing the commercial towing of distressed voters. He has guided whitewater rafting and kayaking for over 30 years and has experience on some of the most famous Western Rivers. Sally holds a 50-ton near coastal license with a hard to obtain sailing auxiliary. This means she can pilot either a sail or power craft up to 200 miles off the coast. Sally also has a towing endorsement.

Please feel free to call either. Or, come by for an in-person visit at Ouray Watersports in the Ouray Picnic Basket at the Ouray Hot Springs Pool.

Located At

Ouray Hot Springs Pool
970.708.0141 / 800.252.0978

**Ridgway State Park charges $8 admission fee per vehicle. This fee is not included in equipment rentals.**